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VINYou now have access to an online pet care library. So if you have any questions with regard to your pets health, a particular disease or surgical procedure, animal behaviour concern or more information with regard to your pets medication then go to VIN [Veterinary Information Network] There is a wealth of important data available.


Samford kennelsWe recommend the Samford Boarding Kennels if you are taking a few days off and need for your dog to stay away from home. They are an excellent kennel that we have been using for many years. They have several levels of accommodation from deluxe to 5 star. Better still, they pick up and deliver your dog to the Grange Vet Surgery.

puppy-shack-headerIf you need to purchase pet store supplies or are thinking about a new puppy, The Puppy Shack is the place to go. It’s situated only a few hundred meters down the road and is open seven days a week. All pups passing through the store are examined and microchipped by the vets at the Grange Vet Surgery.


The Grange Vet Surgery has a number of close and on-going associations with local animal welfare organisations. We provide professional and expert veterinary care to improve the health and well-being of these less fortunate pets. It gives the staff no end of satisfaction to relieve the pain and suffering of these poor dogs and cats. We are proud in saying that without us some would not have survived and have moved on to forever happy homes. If you can help in any way please free to contact us or one of the welfare organisations below.

ARQAnimal Rescue QLD Inc (ARQ) is a registered charity that was started as a result of the flood affected animals in SEQ in January 2011. They soon discovered that the existing shelters and rescue organisations in SEQ were overwhelmed with animals yet there were still people wanting to help and still many, many animals to help.
As a result ARQ was formed to assist with the inflated numbers of animals during the flood period. They have been able to help these animals out of a shelter environment and into loving and caring foster homes. This also allowed ARQ additional time to search for the families that must be missing their pets. For more information regarding this, please see the Pets Lost and Found page.


Furry friendsFurry Friends is committed to the welfare of all companion animals. They believe and adhere to the philosophy that an animal is not disposable object and once they become a part of your family, they should remain until the day they cross rainbow bridge.

Furry Friends believe all animals should be de-sexed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. This is necessary to reduce the number of cats and dogs euthanised every year due to over over-population. If you are looking to add a new Furry Friend to your family, please check out the rescued pets who are waiting on forever families who can give them a second chance.

Furry Friends always need foster carers, so if you are unable to own an animal on a permanent basis, perhaps you could help by signing on as a foster carer? Fostering is a very rewarding experience that allows you to ‘trial’ different breeds while helping us save lives.


LostpetsPet Alerts – Act quickly, and get help

Lost Pet Finders’ unique ‘Pet Alerts’ system allows you to quickly reach out to the best people in your area who can help. Members of our ‘Pet Network’ include shelters, pounds, vets and councils, and our extended options allow you to contact almost everyone within a defined area.

  • Automate phone calls to those who can help the most
  • Leverage our Network to get results
  • Focus your Alert to a wide or narrow area at your discretion


Little Legs Dog & Cat Rescue Qld Inc is a small rescue; dedicated to rescuing and rehoming at risk small dogs and cats from pounds or in need of private surrender.

​All costs are covered by the adoption fees and donations.

All animals are placed into loving foster homes, until a forever home is found.

Location: Greater Brisbane, Qld