Cat Boarding $13.60 per night

Cat BoardingYes, we board cats here at the Grange Vet Surgery!

Our fees are very reasonable and include separate self contained cages for each cat with individual food, water and litter trays. If you have 2 cats we can house them in a double cage or separately. The cattery is fully enclosed and air conditioned, with natural air flow in mild weather.

We proudly supply and feed exclusively Hills Science Diet dry food. If your cats has special dietary requirements, please supply the food and we are happy to provide it to your kitty.

The experienced veterinary nurses on staff will monitor your cat whilst he or she is here with any health problems observed, brought to the attention of the veterinarians.

We often board diabetic cats who require twice daily insulin injections. Please call us to discuss if you have a diabetic cat as special fees do apply.

Our regular boarding fees are $13.60 per night